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Development of a common intraregional monitoring system for the
environmental protection and preservation of the Black Sea – ECO-Satellite

Group of Activities 5

Management and coordination of the Action

Aim and purpose:

The Applicant based on the experience gained from previous actions will set up and provide for the implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system in order to secure the smooth progress of the action. The structure of the management is broken down into three sub-groups: The Steering Committee (SC), the Scientific & Technical Committee (S&T-C) and the Exploitation/Dissemination Committee (E/D-C) of the ECO-Satellite Action. The SC is the formal decisionmaking body of the Action. It will consist of one delegate from each Participant in the Action (AP). Participation to the Committee is mandatory. Each AP should appoint a Delegate who will act as a single point of contact for all administrative matters within the Consortium.The SC will meet twice each year. The S&T-C is the body for making and overseeing all Scientific & Technical decisions made within the Action. It has the power to directly control all ECO-Satellite groups of activities, through the consensus of all Partners. The S&T-C will meet periodically, as required, in order to monitor the progress of the action. The E/D-C will be responsible for all exploitation activities of the ECO-Satellite Action and will report directly to the SC. During the Kick-Off meeting of the Action, the SC the S&T-C and the E/D-C will be set up.

Activities description Partners involved:

  • Activity 1: Organization of meetings
  • Activity 2: Partner administration and financial management
  • Activity 3: Submission of the Final Report
  • Activity 4: Action administration and financial management

Expected outputs:

  • One Kick-Off meetings organised, 20 participants
  • Four Steering Committee meetings organised (every six months), 20 participants each, 6 Minutes of Meeting (10 pages each)
  • 6 Progress Reports
  • 1 Final Report

Expected results:

A well managed Action reaching its objectives, without serious conflict between the partners, without irregularities and with smooth reporting to the programme.

14 Management and coordination of the Action is compulsory as a Group of Activities.

Final beneficiaries: Citizens, Cooperations of primary production


Estimated outputs and results