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Development of a common intraregional monitoring system for the
environmental protection and preservation of the Black Sea – ECO-Satellite

Group of Activities 3

Integration and implementation of the monitoring system

Aim and purpose:

During the actions of this GA, the integration of the systems' components into the multi-level monitoring system will be performed. The system architectural design and the fine-tuning from the components testing will be taken into account during the formulation of the system, utilizing the collected geo-datasets (geospatial information, in-situ measurements, time series). Finally, the application of the system in the demonstration site of Danube delta in Romania will provide the final conclusions for its functionality and effectiveness.

Activities description

  • Activity 1: Development of the integrated multi-level monitoring system.
  • Activity 2: Application of the system in the demonstration site.

Expected outputs:

  • Completed monitoring system, and System User’s Handbook, describing the inter-relations of the system components and the system development (150 pages, in English).
  • System Operation Report, describing the functionality and effectiveness of the system (60 pages, in English).

Expected results:

  • Increased access to environmental information.
  • Expert knowledge on the development and application of environmental monitor systems for the Black Sea basin.
  • Increased knowledge for the environmental management of the Black Sea.