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Development of a common intraregional monitoring system for the
environmental protection and preservation of the Black Sea – ECO-Satellite

Group of Activities 2

Geodatabase development and data collection


Aim and purpose:

Following the monitoring protocol and the selected components' methodologies, the collection and processing of the current and historical environmental data will be performed in GA2, followed by the creation of a unified, user-friendly and easily to update geodatabase which stores not only input data but result data and its parameters as well. Related datasets are satellite images (multi-temporal, multi-spectral and radar images of medium and high resolution), other geospatial data and cartographic support, in-situ observations, and time series from existing water monitoring stations. Moreover, the system components will be tested and evaluated separately in the test sites of Axios river in Greece and the northern part of the Danube marine region in Ukraine. The datasets from the created geodatabase will be used as inputs for the system components testing.


Activities description Partners involved

  • Activity 1: Identification of the most suitable type of data for utilization in environmental monitoring.
  • Activity 2: Collection and processing of current and historical data.
  • Activity 3: Design and creation of the geodatabase.
  • Activity 4: Testing of system components and geodatabase in test sites

Expected outputs:

  • Guidelines for the selection of the most suitable types of data for utilization in the environmental monitoring of the Black Sea. 40 pages in English.
  • A geodatabase, and documentation from the collected data. 30 pages in English
  • Components Operation Report, evaluating the system components testing. 40 pages in English


Expected results:

  • Increased expert knowledge on the selection of data with the highest efficiency for
  • environmental monitoring.
  • Availability of datasets for environmental monitoring.
  • Increased specific knowledge on system functionality.