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Development of a common intraregional monitoring system for the
environmental protection and preservation of the Black Sea – ECO-Satellite

1. Develop and test a system for monitoring the state of marine, coastal and wetland ecosystems. This objective will increase the intraregional knowledge

for the coastal zones of Black Sea.

2. Creation of a unified, easy to update geodatabase covering the entire Black Sea area in order to support the design of a common cross-border environmental policy for the Black Sea.

3. Develop a Web-GIS system which will contribute to the environmental protection of the Black Sea ecosystems as it will raise awareness through the presentation of the study results and facilitate decision making, with the use of a decision support module that includes an effective help desk support.

4. Diffuse the project knowledge and outputs through training, mass media actions, web-portal and e-lessons.

5. Increase the capacity of decision makers who are related to Black Sea environmental policy.